Why You Need The Waya App

Times when accessing your money or any financial services meant a trip to the bank are long gone. Mobile apps have become an integral part of our everyday lives thanks to technology advancements. There’s basically a mobile app for everything.

 You no longer have to go through the hustle of long queues and specific opening hours in physical banks. With a few taps on your mobile phone, you can now access your money, save and conduct remittances through the Waya App.

Chances are, you carry your mobile phone everywhere. The Waya App lets you have your bank with you, everywhere and every time. 

Created by immigrants for immigrants, the App offers you all the financial services you need in one place. You can access your account and conduct remittances through it.

Waya App gives you convenience.

At Waya, we know time is a dime, so we have created an app that saves you time while helping you manage your dime for a financially secure future.

For instance, through the App, you get instantaneous customer service because we have a 24/7 support team that is always there to serve you when you need them. You will not need to wait on the phone line for someone to pick up your call.

We are making banking easy through a reliable app that is user-friendly and easy to navigate as it is designed with you in mind. Setting it up is easy as pie, and you’ll be able to transact within minutes of signing up.

Waya App provides a personalized banking experience.

Using advanced mobile features, the Waya App makes it effortless for customers to conduct certain activities, such as uploading verification documents needed for most banking services.

Through Waya App, personalized experience.

  • You get customized recommendations of features you need and updates as we continue to launch new products.
  • You get unique services and features. For instance, the app allows you to store your preferences, so you do not constantly have to fill in details manually. You also enjoy other innovative gesture features such as swiping and tapping that make performing tasks on the app effortless and fun.
  • You get a customized appearance that matches your preferences.

What you get from the Waya App

Through the app, you get access to our three services

  1. Your accounts are connected with other bank accounts, so you can easily check your balance and withdraw.
  2. A remittance feature allows you to send money within the USA and across borders.
  3. In a few months, we’ll also provide a savings platform that allows you to save money to secure your financial future.

Besides, we send you non-intrusive notifications- in-app and push notifications that can help you track any activity on your accounts.

Waya is working to give immigrants banking services specifically tailored for them. Hence the App will provide you with a fun, convenient, and personalized platform with which you can take control of your financial life.

Download the App today!

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