Our Purpose

Waya is a neobank that focuses on serving low to middle income individuals in the Black, Asian, Hispanic, and other minority communities.

Who we are

A financial technology company with the needs of immigrants at heart.

Waya is a digital banking app that provides checking accounts, cards, and other payment and banking services to immigrants and other underserved communities in the USA and globally. Waya offers immigrants a fast and safe way to store, spend, send, and receive money both locally and internationally.

Empowering People

At Waya, we exist to empower people, especially immigrants and foreign-born individuals that are underserved, unbanked, and often overlooked by traditional banking channels, to take control of their finances.


To be a global leader in offering “inclusive and equitable” financial services to immigrants and underserved communities.

Our Mission

To empower immigrants and marginalized communities by unlocking financial barriers and providing unlimited financial access and opportunities.


To deliver a superior customer experience for our customers by building customer-centric products and solutions.


Transforming the world, one transaction at a time.

Our Values

Customer centered

We place our customers at the heart of everything we do to ensure our products and services are attentive to their daily and evolving needs. We build for them, and we exist for them!


We strive to provide positive social value and take pride in being a socially responsible company by maximizing shared value among our employees, customers, shareholders, and community.


We constantly seek to partner with like-minded people, talent, organizations to uphold and further the company’s vision.


We constantly innovate to build and bring useful and sustainable products and features to meet the needs of our customers.

Our Human Capital.

Our human capital is key to our business success, as well as to our ability to create value for the wider society and communities within which we operate. It is an essential component of our journey to realizing our strategic aim of becoming a purpose-led technology company.


Ensuring an effective and efficient corporate organization that puts the customer first and delivers what they promise.

Purpose and Positive Spirit

Fostering Purpose and positive Spirit to deliver a purpose-driven organization.


Fostering constant improvement, diverse talent, and critical skills needed now and in future.

Team Spirit

Delivering an environment of collaboration to ensure collective delivery of the company promise.

Ready to enjoy the new account that understands you?

Our Purpose

Waya is a neobank that focuses on serving low- to middle-income individuals, as well as minority communities such as Black, Latino, Hispanic and Immigrant communities.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide financial services that improve the lives and financial health of people facing acute and persistent financial challenges.

Our goal

Our goal is to uplift and champion the unique financial needs of communities and individuals who have often been left unbanked, underserved, or overlooked by traditional banking channels. We aim to address the barriers to financial inclusion and promote economic empowerment by offering inclusive, accessible, affordable, and user-friendly banking and money transfer services.

Our key services include:


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Our services include:

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