General Questions

1. What is Waya?

Waya is a Kenyan founded US based financial service provider targeting unbanked, underserved USA citizens with a focus on African Immigrants who are most deprived of these services. Through innovative technology, we have been able to develop a competitive mobile banking app that simplifies banking and remittances services for all our users such that users can send, spend, pay bills and get paid  their money conveniently and affordably.

2. What is Waya’s mission?

Our mission is to unlock financial barriers for African Immigrants and US citizens. 

We firmly address the issues faced by unbanked and underserved African Immigrants in the areas of banking and remittance and are staunch champions for this demographic. We envision a day in the future where everyone has access to simple money management tools and the opportunity to build wealth.

3. Is Waya a Financial company or a bank?

Waya is a financial technology platform, not a bank. Through our bank partners we are able to provide banking services and debit cards. Banking services for the [Checking Account or Savings Account] are provided by Lineage Bank, Members FDIC while The Waya Debit Card is issued by Lineage Bank pursuant to a license from21 Mastercard Inc.

4. Who is eligible for a Waya account?

If you are an African Immigrant living in the US, have a valid US phone number and are above 18 years, you’ve got the green light to join the club!

5. How do I contact Waya?

Our Customer Service team is available to you anytime you need them. If you would like to get in touch with us for further questions, feel free to send an inquiry through our email at customercare@wayapay.com, or chat with us on the Waya app.

User Accounts Questions

1. How do I sign up?

First, you’ll want to get the Waya app on your device which you can download via Play Store or iOS. Enter your valid US phone number and an OTP will be provided. Proceed to complete registration by filling in your full name and a valid email address. We will send you a temporary password to your email which you’ll use to login and create your own password. Finally, complete your profile to create an account.

2. What are the options to fund my account?

Fund your account from your bank, mobile wallet, or debit card, or initiate ACH or wire transfer. Store your money securely in your Waya Wallet.

3. What should I do when I can’t log in to my account?

Follow the on-screen instructions to update your account if you are using a different phone number than the one we have on record. Our staff will respond to your email as soon as you have finished making the necessary changes to your profile.

4. Where can I find my account details?

You can find your account details from your account tab on your dashboard.

5. Can I have multiple users in my account?

You can only have One Waya account.

6. Can I add my bookkeeper to my Waya account?

Yes, we do have bookkeeper accounts which give access to your history and statement transaction, but cannot initiate any money movements or change user permissions.

7. What should I do when my account is under review or locked?

For a fintech like Waya, Data Protection, Privacy and Security are key; as such, we sometimes restrict the use of an account if we suspect unusual activity. We completely understand how annoying this can be, and we only make such a decision after a thorough investigation. However, as rare as these cases are, our team will reach out to you via email with additional information concerning the status of your account.

8. When a customer is unable to verify OTP?

When the Customer is unable to verify the OTP there is a link provided that the customer can request for OTP to be resend.

9. How to verify if one has added a recipient/beneficiary?

Anytime you add a beneficiary or a recipient, the system will notify you that the beneficiary data you are trying to add has been added successfully.

10. What can a customer do when is unable to add their card/ bank details?

One will receive a descriptive error prompt from Plaid indicating the next steps to be followed.

11. How do you bypass the license tab to add beneficiaries?

There are no license tabs when adding beneficiaries.

12. How Do I link my external Accounts?

This can be done in two ways :

 a). On the settings page > Click on linked cards > Link bank account.

b). When sending or adding funds to/from external sources there is a button to link a bank account.

13. Is it possible to open a Business Account? If Yes, who or which companies are allowed to open a Business Account?

For now, one can only open a Personal Account. However, We are on the roadmap of getting to business accounts and be sure to be notified once it is made possible.

14. Why was my Identity verification attempt unsuccessful?

Unsuccessful identity verification is as a result of providing information that did not match the authoritative sources we use for verification and this might be from:

  • Submitting a phone number that is not associated with your name and address.
  • Submissions that may have contained errors or typos.
  • Submitting expired documents.

Privacy And Security Questions

1. Is Waya safe?

Our solution is built with Data Privacy and Security through IBM; Waya is as secure as leading financial institutions worldwide. We conduct anti-fraud detection on each transaction; in case you suspect malicious access to your account, you can freeze and unfreeze your card effortlessly and get each transaction notification on your phone.

2. Why do you need my SSN Details?

We need Your SSN details to help us verify your true identity and nothing else.

Debit Card Questions

1. When, where and how will I receive my debit card?

Your physical debit card will be sent to the home or business address you provided when signing up for Waya.

2. How do I set my debit card pin?

Simply navigate the Waya App and locate the debit card linked to your account, and set or reset change the corresponding PIN there. Here you may modify your personal identification number.

3. Can I withdraw cash from ATMS?

Yes, our debit cards can be used at ATMs that support Mastercard®. We do not add any fees to those charged by the ATM operator.

4. There is a charge I don't recognize on my card. What should I do?

Login to your Waya account and check our contact us page to find our contact details. You may also replace or cancel your debit card by going to your Waya dashboard, find your debit card under its associated account page, and click Replace Card.

5. How can I spend my balance conveniently?

Your Waya debit card is your gateway to a convenient payment experience. Spend at your favorite shops, restaurants, or any point of sale. Make your day-to-day online payments securely with your card.

Moving And Holding Money Questions

1. What are the transaction limits in a day?

On the banking side we do not have any limits but the limits might apply on the remittance side however we are yet to establish that.

2. Are there any hidden fees attached?

At Waya, we draw lines to fund fees. We take our promise to deliver honest and straightforward service seriously, and we describe all fees upfront. Whenever you make a transfer with Waya, you can be certain that no hidden or unexpected charges will be applied.

3. Why is my transaction on hold?

A hold can be placed on your checking account for a variety of reasons. Usually, a bank places a hold on a check or deposit you make into your account. The bank will do this to ensure the funds clear before they are made available in your account.  A hold is put in place to protect you as much as it protects the bank as you may be required to provide a little more information about a transaction, your business or your account activity.

4. Is there a minimum or maximum balance with Waya?

We do not have a minimum balance requirement nor charge you to maintain a minimum balance, so you need not worry about maintaining one. As for the maximum balance, you can deposit or hold as many funds as you want in your account!

5. Which transactions does Waya support?

Waya app supports various transaction types;

  • Waya to Waya.
  • Peer-to-peer transactions. We support transfers from one Waya user to another. 
  • Consumer-to-business transactions. Waya facilitates the transfer of funds between a customer and a business, such as in the case when buying clothing online or paying for something in a store.
  • Business-to-consumer. With Waya, businesses may conduct transactions with their customers, individuals, or other small businesses more easily. Refunds and rebates are two prime instances of B2C transactions.
  • Business-to-business. Transfers from one business to another can be done using Waya.

6. Can a customer send money to themselves on the Waya App?

Absolutely and this is known as a Waya to Waya Transfer.

7. How do I upgrade from tier 1 to tier 2 of sending money?

Currently, the app does not support such upgrades. However, be sure to be notified if that is set up.

8. Does Waya Give Loans?

At the moment, Waya does not give loans but it is a future consideration.

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