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Frequently Asked Questions

Waya is a digital wallet that provides checking accounts, cards, and other payment services to immigrants and other underserved communities in the USA and globally. 

Waya offers a fast and safe way to store, spend, send, and receive funds both within and across borders.

To empower immigrants and marginalized communities to take control of their finances by unlocking financial barriers and providing them with unlimited financial access and opportunities.

Waya is a financial technology platform, not a bank. Waya’s Banking services are provided by our partner bank. The Waya Debit Card is also issued by our partner bank pursuant to a license from21 Mastercard Inc.

U.S. Legal Residence, U.S. Citizens, and Permanent Resident Aliens (Green Card Holders) above 18 years are eligible. Currently, we can only offer accounts to individuals with a valid SSN and ITIN.

Our 24/7 support team is always ready to help, you can reach us at help@getwaya.com or chat with us on the Waya App.

Download the Waya App from the App Store or Play Store. On the app, click the sign up button and follow the on screen instructions to create your Waya account. You will need a valid U.S phone number, a valid email address and social security number to create an account.

Waya customers can add funds to their Waya checking account via an ACH transfer from their linked external bank accounts. 

If you do not have an account linked, you can do this by clicking on “Add Funds” and choosing to “Link New Bank Account”, or in the Settings tab, under “Linked Accounts”. Once you have linked a bank account and added funds, the funds should appear in your Waya Checking account upto a  maximum of 3 business days.

You can click Reset Your Password on the login screen to change your password. Type in your phone number and email address to receive a temporary password via email. Log-in using the temporary password and you will be prompted to choose a new password. If you are still unable to log-in, please contact customer support help@getwaya.com.

You can find your account details on “View Account” on the homescreen.

Data protection, Privacy and Security are key for Waya, as such we sometimes restrict the use of an account if we suspect unusual activity. 

We completely understand how inconveniencing this may cause, and only make such a decision after a thorough investigation. However, as rare as these cases are, our team will reach out to you via email with additional information concerning the status of your account.

Click “Resend OTP” to be sent a new OTP to your phone.

Check for the new OTP, It may take a few moments to arrive.

Use the new OTP in the appropriate field correctly  and within its validity period to complete the verification

If you cannot link your external bank account, it may not be on the list of institutions provided by our bank linking partner – Finicity. If it is, and you are still not able to link your account, please contact our customer support.

If you’re facing difficulties linking your external bank account, it’s possible that your bank is not currently supported by our bank linking partner, Finicity. To ensure smooth account linking, we maintain a list of supported financial institutions. If your bank is not on that list, you won’t be able to link your account at this time.

However, if your bank is listed as a supported institution and  still experiencing issues with linking your account, please contact our dedicated customer support team without hesitation. They are well-equipped to assist you with any problems or questions you may have and will work diligently to help resolve the issue.

You can do this by clicking “Add Funds” and selecting “Link New Bank Account”. This can also be done on the Settings tab, under “Linked Accounts”.

For now, one can only open a Personal Account. However, We are on the roadmap of getting to business accounts and be sure to be notified once it is made possible.

Your physical debit card will be sent to the shipping address you provided when signing up for Waya. It will arrive in the mail 5-7 business days upon successfully ordering the debit card.

On the Cards tab, tap on your physical card and click “Activate Card”. Enter the 16-digit PAN and the 3-digit CVV from the letter the card came with.

On the  Waya App, navigate to Cards tab, tap on your physical card. Click on “Set Pin” to create a secure 4-digit pin. When creating your PIN, consider using a combination of numbers that are not related to your personal information, such as your birthdate or phone number. Additionally, it is a good practice to change your PIN regularly to further increase the security of your account.

If  you did not complete the  transaction, please contact our customer support to inquire about  the transaction. If you are certain the transaction was not completed by you, you can dispute it.

To prevent further activity on your card, go to the Cards tab and freeze your physical or virtual debit  card. This will prevent any further card transactions going through. Alternatively, you can  cancel your  debit card to completely disable it. If you need a replacement, you can request a new card to be sent to you in the same way as you initially  requested.

Your Waya debit card is your gateway to a convenient payment experience. Spend at your favorite shops, restaurants, or any point of sale. Make your day-to-day online payments securely with your card.

If an account is less than 30 days old, the daily ACH transaction amount cannot exceed $499. If an account has been open for more than 30 days but less than 60 days, then the daily ACH transaction limit is $999, and if an account is older than 60 days, the daily ACH transaction limit is $4,999.

A hold can be placed on your checking account for a variety of reasons. Usually, a bank places a hold on a check or deposit you make into your account. The bank will do this to ensure the funds clear before they are made available in your account.  A hold is put in place to protect you as much as it protects the bank as you may be required to provide a little more information about a transaction, your business or your account activity.

We do not have a minimum balance requirement nor charge you to maintain a minimum balance, so you need not worry about maintaining one. As for the maximum balance, you can deposit or hold as many funds as you want in your account!

The Waya app currently supports following transaction types:

  • Waya to Waya transfers which are peer to peer (P2P) transfers.
  • Waya to Your Own linked account transfers (ACH)
  • Waya to External Bank transfers (ACH).
  • International Remittance Transfers.

Our solution is built with Data Privacy and Security through IBM; Waya is as secure as leading financial institutions worldwide. We conduct anti-fraud detection on each transaction; in case you suspect malicious access to your account, you can freeze and unfreeze your card effortlessly and get each transaction notification on your phone.

Take additional steps to protect your account with the following security tips:

  • Always keep your contact information up to date.
  • Always use complex passwords for your account and additional layers of protection such as biometric authentication.
  • Do not reuse the same email address and password for different sites.
  • Never write your PIN on your card and always shield your card when performing a transaction in a public place or when using an ATM.
  • Check your account regularly to confirm you recognize all transactions and report suspicious activity immediately by emailing us at: disputes@getwaya.com 

We use your Social Security Number solely to verify your identity. We do not check your credit score or perform any credit checks.

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Waya is a financial technology company, not a bank. Waya’s Banking services, debit cards, and bank accounts are provided by our banking partner, as set forth in the account agreement. The Waya Mastercard® is issued by our banking partners pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. The Waya Card may be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted in the U.S. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circle design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Waya is a product of Wayapay Limited, Inc. Wayapay, Waya, and associated names are registered trademarks of Wayapay Limited, Inc. All other trademarks and brand names mentioned belong to their respective owners. Standard data rates from your wireless service provider may apply. By clicking on some of the links above, you will leave the Waya website and be directed to a third-party website. The privacy practices of those third parties may differ from those of Waya. We recommend you review the privacy statements of those third-party websites, as Waya is not responsible for those third parties’ privacy or security practices Ⓒ 2024 Waya. All Rights Reserved.