Waya Co-founder Dr. David Wachira To Speak At Money 20/20: The Largest Global Fintech Event

money2020 vegas audience

Money2020: The Waya team will be gracing the Money 2020 event that has been scheduled to take place in Las Vegas from October 23 to October 26.

Waya Co-founder and COO Dr. David Wachira, Ph.D. is listed among the speakers and will be talking about our goal to revolutionize the way diaspora communities send and receive money.

money2020 panelists in Vegas
Dr. David Wachira, Ph.D. speaks at Money2020 Vegas

What is Waya?

Waya offers a faster, easier, and more affordable way to send and receive money, and it is perfect for African diaspora communities living and working in the US.

We are confident that our product will be a game changer in the world of banking and remittance, and we look forward to demonstrating it at Money 20/20.

What is Money2020?

Money 20/20 is the largest global fintech event, which promotes payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce. 

The event comprises sessions on customer experience, banking, and more. At Money 20/20, 

So if you’re interested in learning more about the future of diaspora banking and remittance, be sure to check out Dr. Wachira’s session during the event. 

This is a significant development for two reasons. First Waya makes it easier and cheaper for people to send money to their loved ones in other countries and second, it will help to promote financial inclusion in developing countries.

How Does Waya Impact Immigrant Communities?

Every day, skilled migrants are contributing to the growth of their home countries. They are starting businesses, developing new technologies, and sending money back to their families. As a result, diaspora banking and remittance are evolving.

Money transfer services are becoming more efficient and reliable. Online banking platforms are making it easier for people to send and receive money and mobile apps are making it possible for people to send remittances from anywhere in the world.

Diaspora banking and remittance offer a lifeline to many developing countries by providing critical financial support to families and communities who need it most.

This means that remittance services are likely to become even more competitive in the coming years. 

Banks are eager to offer competitive services for large-value remittances, and in African countries, large and vibrant diaspora populations have become important external financing sources. 

So if you’re looking to send money home, make sure you sign up with Waya for the best deal.

Waya is leading the charge in revolutionizing diaspora banking and remittance, making it easier than ever for immigrants to access checking accounts and transfer money globally.

This is an important step forward for the immigrant community in the United States, and we’re proud to be a part of it. 

Thanks for stopping by our website, and we hope you’ll consider using Waya for your next banking or remittance needs.

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