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The only 16 digits that matter. With your Waya card, you can spend on over 35 million merchants accepting Mastercard as a payment method. Your Waya card is linked to your Waya checking account, making it ideal for online shopping, bill-paying, and topping off your preferred digital wallet.
Free Virtual Cards
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We move as fast as you do. Get a better grasp on your finances with real-time alerts and in-depth details of all your transactions.

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Whether it's a false alert or not, you may freeze and unfreeze your card with a single tap if you see any questionable activity with your card.

Set, check or change passcode

Suspicious that someone knows your pin? Better safe than sorry. Change your PIN code at the card setting on your Waya app.

Personalized card experience

Where’s the fun of having a card and not giving it a nickname. Besides, having all your cash in one checking account can result in overspending, but that won't be you because you can give your cards different names according to your expenses. e.g., groceries, gas & fuel, transport, etc