Welcome to the Waya Card Experience.

  • More flexibility.
  • More spending.
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Welcome once again to the WAYA Family

You just received your Waya card in the mail. Welcome
To activate your Visa debit card

Login to your Waya Account on your Waya app

Go to Cards Screen – On your Waya Card Screen, Choose the card you want to activate.

On the card screen, click activate card button and follow the instructions to activate your physical card.

Against the delivered card, you may see a card status message that reads, “Card Delivered.”

Once you activate your Card - You’re all set!

Now you can start using your free Waya Debit Card in stores. If you have any problems activating your Waya card, contact and chat with our customer care team in the “Talk to us” section on your settings in the waya app.


Mastercard Debit Card

Your new Waya Debit Card works anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
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Spend Anywhere

Your Waya Mastercard Debit Card works everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted.
You may also withdraw money from any ATM that accepts Mastercard Debit Cards. ATM withdrawal fees may apply.
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No monthly fees

No application fees, no monthly fees, and no delivery fees. Enjoy spending on your Waya Card with no stress or unnecessary fees.
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Get a Physical or Virtual Card

Choose a physical or virtual card based on your needs. We got you covered. Your virtual card is activated instantly when you create it.
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Your Card Delivered

When you create a Waya Physical Card, we bring it to you. Your card is delivered within 3-5 business days.
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Enhanced Debit Card Security

Get Real-time transaction alerts.
Manage and control your cards from your Waya App
When you lose your card, freeze your card, and order a new card.
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