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We believe that everyone deserves fair and accessible banking. Open a Waya checking account to kickstart your finances, get essential financial tips to be more financially free, and manage your money safely without the hurdles of traditional banks and predatory fees.

Waya is a financial technology company, not a bank. Waya’s Banking services are provided by our banking partner, as set forth in the account agreement.

A checking account built to empower you to succeed.

Join Waya and Gain Access to Affordable Banking and Financial Services Designed to Empower You to grow and be more financially free.

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Enjoy great benefits when you open a Waya Account

When you open your Waya account, you get great benefits. Access convenient and robust financial services and say bye to all the hassles of traditional banking.

International Money Transfers

International Money Transfers

Send money across the world from your Waya account to Bank accounts and mobile wallets across over 100+ countries.

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Send and Receive Money

Send and Receive Money

Pay and get paid on the go from any bank via ACH or wire transfer. Send money to friends and family within the USA no matter what bank they use.

Pay With Your Waya Debit Card

Pay With Your Waya Debit Card

Go cashless with Waya. Spend at your favorite shops and restaurants, and make online payments with your Waya Debit Card.

Make Waya to Waya Transfers

Make Waya to Waya Transfers

With Waya, sending and receiving money between Waya users is very convenient.

No Minimums: Deposit or Balance

No Minimums: Deposit or Balance

We’re committed to accessible banking. Enjoy accounts with no minimum deposit or ongoing balance requirements.

Reach Your Financial Goals Faster & Get Smarter with Your Finances

At Waya, our mission is to provide financial freedom to more people across the world. Financial education and literacy are at the heart of our mission. Subscribe to our newsletter and get personalized tips and resources on finance, all designed to help you achieve your financial goals faster!

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Money without borders

Send and receive international payments with ease.

You deserve better. Say hello to banking that cares about your future.

Download the Waya App, Open your Waya account in minutes and gain access to affordable banking and financial services designed to empower you to succeed.

Getting started

Get set up and start spending with your card effortlessly.

Download the Waya App

Download the Waya App from the Play Store or App Store.

Register in minutes

Sign up online or in our app with an email address and a phone number.

Verify your identity

You will need a valid U.S.A mobile number, email address, social security number & a government issued ID to create an account.

Top up your account

You can add money using your bank account or card. Share your account details to get paid via Waya or ACH or spend worldwide with your debit card.


Let’s answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions

Best online customer experience and support

How to Sign Up?

Download the Waya App from the App Store or Play Store. On the app, click the sign up button and follow the on screen instructions to create your Waya account. You will need a valid U.S phone number, a valid email address and social security number to create an account.

What are the options to add funds to your Waya account?

Waya customers can add funds to their Waya checking account via an ACH transfer from their linked external bank accounts.

If you do not have an account linked, you can do this by clicking on “Add Funds” and choosing to “Link New Bank Account”, or in the Settings tab, under “Linked Accounts”. Once you have linked a bank account and added funds, the funds should appear in your Waya Checking account up to a maximum of 3 business days.

Who is eligible for Waya account?

U.S. Legal Residence, U.S. Citizens, and Permanent Resident Aliens (Green Card Holders) above 18 years are eligible. Currently, we can only offer accounts to individuals with a valid SSN and ITIN.

How can I spend my balance conveniently?

Your Waya debit card is your gateway to a convenient payment experience. Spend at your favorite shops, restaurants, or any point of sale. Make your day-to-day online payments securely with your card.

What is Waya's mission?

To empower immigrants and marginalized communities to take control of their finances by unlocking financial barriers and providing them with unlimited financial access and opportunities.

How do I contact Waya?

Our 24/7 support team is always ready to help, you can reach us at or chat with us on the Waya App.

Ready to start your financial journey with Waya?

Join Waya and Gain Access to Affordable Banking and Financial Services Designed to Empower you to grow and be more financially free.

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Applying for an account is free and takes less than 2 minutes. It won’t affect your credit score!

Waya is a financial technology company, not a bank. Waya’s Banking services, debit cards, and bank accounts are provided by our banking partner, as set forth in the account agreement. The Waya Mastercard® is issued by our banking partners pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. The Waya Card may be used everywhere Mastercard is accepted in the U.S. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circle design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. Waya is a product of Wayapay Limited, Inc. Wayapay, Waya, and associated names are registered trademarks of Wayapay Limited, Inc. All other trademarks and brand names mentioned belong to their respective owners. Standard data rates from your wireless service provider may apply. By clicking on some of the links above, you will leave the Waya website and be directed to a third-party website. The privacy practices of those third parties may differ from those of Waya. We recommend you review the privacy statements of those third-party websites, as Waya is not responsible for those third parties’ privacy or security practices Ⓒ 2024 Waya. All Rights Reserved.