1. What is Waya?

Waya is a Kenyan founded US based financial service provider targeting unbanked, underserved USA citizens with a focus on African Immigrants who are most deprived of these services. Through innovative technology, we have been able to develop a competitive mobile banking app that simplifies banking and remittances services for all our users such that users can send, spend, pay bills and get paid  their money conveniently and affordably.

2. What is Waya’s mission?

Our mission is to unlock financial barriers for African Immigrants and US citizens. 

We firmly address the issues faced by unbanked and underserved African Immigrants in the areas of banking and remittance and are staunch champions for this demographic. We envision a day in the future where everyone has access to simple money management tools and the opportunity to build wealth.

3. Is Waya a Financial company or a bank?

Waya is a financial technology platform, not a bank. Through our bank partners we are able to provide banking services and debit cards. Banking services for the [Checking Account or Savings Account] are provided by Lineage Bank, Members FDIC while The Waya Debit Card is issued by Lineage Bank pursuant to a license from21 Mastercard Inc.

4. Who is eligible for a Waya account?

All U.S citizens and eligible U.S residents who have a valid U.S phone number and are above 18 years of age.

5. How do I contact Waya?

Our Customer Service team is available to you anytime you need them. If you would like to get in touch with us for further questions, feel free to send an inquiry through our email at, or chat with us on the Waya app.

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