Debit Card

1. When, where and how will I receive my debit card?

Your physical debit card will be sent to the home or business address you provided when signing up for Waya.

2. How do I set my debit card PIN?

Simply navigate the Waya App and locate the debit card linked to your account, and set/reset/change your personal identification number there.

3. Can I withdraw cash from ATMS?

Yes, our debit cards can be used at ATMs that support Mastercard®. There are no charges for inquiries or withdrawals on Waya network ATMs. However, there is a $3 fee for inquiries or withdrawals from ATMs outside the Waya network in U.S, Puerto Rico and the U.S Virgin Islands. Fees from the ATM operator still apply. We do not add any fees to those.

4. There is a charge I don't recognize on my card. What should I do?

Login to your Waya account and select the “Contacts” tab to find our contact details. You may also replace or cancel your debit card by going to your Waya dashboard, find your debit card under its associated account page, and click “Replace Card.”

5. How can I spend my balance conveniently?

Your Waya debit card is your gateway to a convenient payment experience. Spend at your favorite shops, restaurants, or any point of sale. Make your day-to-day online payments securely with your card.

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